What is Edison Renegade Currency?

thomas edison

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”
― Thomas A. Edison

Edison Renegade Currency

It started during the great depression of the 20’s and 30’s. When America was in a big crisis and the GDP dropped like a rock, total equivalent of 1 trillion dollars today, the Dollar went down with 17% and Edison blamed the Federal Reserve. He believed that, even though the dollar was backed up with gold, the Fed’s had too much power to manipulate the money supply and economy. He said “What the fed’s really wanted is a single currency, based entirely on mortgage loans” nothing more than paper. And he was right, the dollar today is based on those papers and it was responsible for the financial crisis of 2008. The idea that Thomas Edison had in 1921 was quite simple. First he had to  weaken the FED’s centralized power by decentralising it. Create a free market driven Dollar, Edison Dollar, that would be decentralized across 36 commodities and decentralized across 12 warehouses. The only way for new money to be created was to add new commodities to the warehouses. Sadly when he took his idea to the government, they buried it before he could even start his plan. Luckily for us, his plan was kept alive by a few people who improved the idea of the Edison Dollar. From Edison to Henry Ford, a free market capitalist who stood behind a free market dollar.

To Irving Fisher, he was a famous economist how believed that  the money supply should be increased among a fixed line of rules, no fed intervention.

To John Maynard Keynes, who in 1944 at the Bretton Woods meeting proposed to launch his own commodity backed currency called Bankcore. The difference with Edison was that he wanted his currency to overhaul not only the dollar, but all currencies.

To Pullitzer price winner Milton Friedman who said, in an interview with Micheal Robinson, that “We don’t need the Fed, just replace them with a computer and let them print those dollars on a set schedule, month after month, year after year like clockwork.  The same amount of dollars are printed, no more, no less.

But in 2009 the world economy hit the perfect point in time for Bitcoin to arise, a perfected version of Thomas Edsion’s Dollar, money supply controlled, free market driven, inflation prove, it eliminates centralized power of not only the Fed’s but even the central banks.

With the coming of the Internet it was now possible to create a Digital currency that would act like virtual gold, backed by Energy.

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15 thoughts on “What is Edison Renegade Currency?

  1. “…With the coming of the Internet it was now possible to created a Digital currency that would act like virtual gold and backed by, Energy…” My God, what trash talk…who buys into this scam? Three virtual currencies have now gone bankrupt…including BitCoin…

  2. What are “does” dollars or “does” papers? Is this poor English or deliberate miscommunication? It certainly doesn’t sell this idea. If it is a grammatical error you just shot yourself in the foot, but if it is an outright intention to mislead, you shot yourself in the head. The easiest way to spot a scam is the writing of the scam itself.

  3. Bitcoin isn’t bankrupt…. but cryptocurrency has nothing to do with Edison and isn’t backed by any commodities. This article is misleading.

  4. Real or Scam….it matters not. It is time for a form of Money that is not tied to any one country’s economic fitness, that is stable and that can generate additional amounts to the economy other than as debt. Too many glitches and pitfalls doing it strictly through e.g. Bitcoin types.

    • If this is a Star Trek reference, it should be noted that although there is mention of “we don’t use money in the 23rd century”. There are such a thing as “Federation Credits” that are used to trade for goods and services across the Federation. As well as other forms of money such as gold-pressed latinum used by various races for trade between Federation members and non-Federation worlds. Thus, paper money doesn’t exist nor does coined money, but e-money does and they have only converted to an almost 100% digital economy. personally, I would hate to see their inflation rate.

    • That’s basically it… black market money to hide from taxation and basically screw society over…. People like the Koch Brothers are confident that they deserve the privilege to take all of the world’s resources and let those that couldn’t keep live in suffering…. It’s pretty sad that government is doing such a poor job of engaging black markets, tax evasion… You can spend 10k going after people cheating a hundred dollars or spend 30k going after people attempting to cheat the system out of millions, it’s pretty simple really — call it an IRS conspiracy if you like

  5. I am 67 years young and i have heard a lot too good to be true stories.
    Just a thought why would i take your dollar for my currency that is worth much more. I feel a whole lot of love here. Love your brother like Mad-off did.

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