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Binbox is a site where you can use to display text, called pastes. You are paid on the views of these pastes, either in paypal or bitcoin. You can use this to advertise a website(s), make a blog, or anything else you can think of, and get paid at the same time. You will be given your own domain name as well. Our rates are competitive and unlimited, will vary to improve your profits. You earn more when your pastes have higher volumes of traffic. Our rates pay up to $4 per 1,000 unique visitors. A password encrypts and decrypts the password, protecting it from bots and unwanted prying eyes. It’s stored in your web browser and never sent to our servers. Not even we can see what you paste. Track your paste’s web traffic and watch your earnings grow. Our dashboard lets you have full control over your pastes so you can monitor your earnings in real time. Payments are sent on the first (1st) day of every month to every account that has at least $5 in unpaid earnings. Choose when you get paid: setup automatic payments or hold it for later. When you refer another user to our site, you will receive a prorated bonus. You will earn 0 percent of every $10 they earn. That’s $0 of free earnings just for referring that affilate. We make it easier to make pastes and earn more with our API and Widgets so you can embed Binbox in your website or blog.

bitcoinblizzardBitcoin Blizzard 

Grab free bitcoin every day as you surf the best Bitcoin Faucets, and find lots of other ways to earn bitcoins online! Build your downlines in all of the best Faucets and bitcoin earning programs and best of all, add tour bitcoin Faucet or crypto currency website and advertise for FREE! Refer new members and earn big commissions!

bittoclickBitcoin Click

Earn bitcoin on your free time. Your time is valuable and at we line you up with advertisers willing to pay you for your time and opinions. All earnings are paid out in bitcoin which can be used anonymously on many interesting websites like the sites advertised here. Also for our members there are more benefits like ,our members can earn Bitcoin by clicking ads, videos, and more. Your earnings fluctuate based on bitcoins current market value at bitstamp. Earn in USD and withdrawal in Bitcoin when the value meets your needs. Detailed statistics of your referral clicks. Withdrawals in bitcoin only.

btcclicksBTC Clicks 

Earn bitcoins Now. We have paid out 9444.21127 mBTC and still counting. For advertisers  Receive bitcoin targeted traffic. All visitors are guaranteed to be bitcoin users. Visitors will view your website for a chosen duration between 10 seconds and 200 seconds. CPC starts from 0.00123 mBTC depending on the ad duration. No sign-up required. For our members, earn bitcoins for clicking ads!earn up to 0.00588 mBTC per click, earn up to 0.0047 mBTC per referral click, minimum payout is 0.1 mBTC, refer members yourself or rent referrals for 0.00294 mBTC per referral per day, premium membership costs 5.292 mBTC per 3 months and earn x2 your earnings.

btcmineBTC Mine 

Get every minute free bitcoins on this site. Earn more by doing small tasks, start small, go big

btctradeBTC Trade 

Btc Trade , a bitcoin faucet, where you can find several free bitcoin sites. Just press any button if you want to get free bitcoins, for more, just press more buttons. Get more then Enjoy your gratis BTC a day. All direct links are checked by us. Only links not related to bitcoins or websites we are not sure about are CoinUrl links.


Our premium advertising services present an excellent opportunity for you to get valuable traffic to your site at very affordable and competitive pricing. As any internet businessperson will tell you, quality traffic equates to quality leads and customers. Here in the world of Clicksia, you can earn an extra stream of income by completing simple tasks; We have advertisers that will pay you real cash money to simply view their websites, and other advertisers will pay you even more to join their various programs.


Join our dedicated community for free now and start earning cash for your online activities, including: Visiting websites, free offer, playing, clixgrid, shopping online, paid surveys, micro tasks, contests, referring others. Since February 2007 we’ve paid our 3.565.955 members $6,355,828.40 on time ,every time. We’ve delivered over 1,360,811,226 views to our advertisers websites. 


Coin Tasker is the first of its kind. With over 2,000 tasks members can complete to earn bitcoins, Coin Tasker is the ultimate bitcoin earning system.  We have more variety and consistent updates than any other bitcoin earning site. Our huge variety of tasks and categories, combined with our high payout rate makes us the most profitable solution for anyone looking to earn free bitcoins. We also reward active users with bonus bitcoins for a variety of tasks, such as logging in, status updates, and community involvement. So what are you waiting for?

coin of midasCoin of Midas

Welcome to Coin of Midas. This is a Paid-To-Click service that uses bitcoins. We provide a great way to earn bitcoins while you find other good opportunities and/or advertise your website using bitcoins. We provide a quality service because all members must view an advertisements for at least 30 seconds. The countdown timer ticks only when the advertised page is focused. We accept users from all countries, but multiple accounts are strictly forbidden.

dailybitcoinsDaily Bitcoin

Welcome at Dailybitcoin, every hour you can get over 0.0000005 BTC for free. Or, wait for a better prize. 237 larger prizes and 34555 free vouchers are available today. 

earnfreebitcoinsEarn Free Coins 

Earn free bitcoins is a site where users can discover new websites and services, usually relating to bitcoin in some way (free bitcoin services, gambling, stores that accept BTC etc.), but can also contain any other content imaginable. Users who stay and explore the websites presented to them for a specified period of time are rewarded with a portion of BTC (Bitcoins) for every visit. Webmasters and website owners can submit their URL, choose the amount of BTC that they want to pay per visitor, choose the amount of visits they would like to purchase and finally choose the amount of time that they want each visitor to spend on the website before getting paid. When the visitor spends the allotted amount of time (for example, 3 minutes) on the website, an amount of BTC is credited to the visitor based on the bid per visitor that the webmaster has placed. After visiting enough sponsored websites, each user automatically receives bitcoin to their chosen address. Payments are queued up to a minimum of 55 uBTC (thats 0.000055 BTC) per payout in order to save (for both you and me) on transaction fees and to avoid what is known as “dust” transactions. 

earnthebitcoinEarn The Bitcoin offers a genuine way to earn free bitcoins by completing simple offers and surveys online. Withdraw your bitcoins directly to your bitcoin wallet and spend them anywhere! How Does It Work? Create an account with your email address and a user name. You’ll get 0.01 free bitcoins just for signing up. Earn free bitcoins by completing FREE offers! You get points just for filling out the forms, ranging from 0.2 to 2.00 bitcoins each. The more friends you invite, the more bitcoins you get! Each friend earns you 0.01 BTC once they complete their first offer. Withdraw Your Earnings. The BEST part: Transfer the bitcoins you’ve earned to your bitcoin wallet for free. Check out the rewards page to make a transfer request. 

btcmineFaucet BTC 

Getting free Bitcoins every 30 min by just filling in your btc wallet address 


Tons of ways to earn and win. GiftHulk RewardBox™ will provide you with so many ways to earn that you will be out of time before you are out of earning opportunities! GiftHulk is the only place where you can win on a daily basis! Everything for free. Best Store. Prizes are sent out in under 7 business days. Most of the times it’s much less. Best part? No extra coins for faster delivery. Level up and earn extra bonuses. Get into sweepstakes. Complete Bonus Bars. Guess you lucky cards in Guess the Card™ game to win big. WARNING: GiftHulk is addictive. We are here to stay and give back to our users – over $1,000,000 in rewards since 2011! Our support ninjas are trained in a secret Support Monastery! 

landofbitcoinLand of Bitcoin

Get every minute free bitcoins on this site. Earn more by doing small tasks, start small, go big

mybitcoinrewardsMy Bitcoin Rewards

Do you want to get your hands on some bitcoins? Don’t waste time and money trying to mine them. Don’t spend your hard earned cash on them. Just get them free here! We want to give you free bitcoins today. How many do you want? Join today and let us show you how to get a pile of free bitcoins!


PointsHound was started by a few guys obsessed with winning the points game. The founding team has spent over 40 years working to make online travel booking better. And as frequent travelers and recovering points junkies, we know that maximizing points & miles earning across all your different rewards programs is a challenge. After years of maintaining spreadsheets and bookmarking linkoff sites, the team conceived PointsHound to simplify the earning experience and enable the flexibility to choose where you earn, what you earn, and how you earn. Where you earn: Choose from over 150,000 hotels around the world: all-inclusive resorts, chain properties, and independently-owned boutiques. Why should you be restricted to earning in specific destinations or with certain brands? What you earn: Choose to earn loyalty currencies you already value, in programs you already understand. Why should you have to learn yet another points system, and a new set of tricks and rules?How you earn: Choose the earn model that fits your needs. PointsHound offers the flexibility to select between different rates types such as lowest price (backed by a guarantee), rates that maximize mileage earning, or rates that allow earning both miles AND hotel status credit. Why be forced to make unnecessary tradeoffs? PointsHound believes there is a better way. Currently, PointsHound allows you to earn miles on over 150,000 hotels around the world in any of 10 frequent flier currencies. That’s 1,500,000 unique accrual offers on any given day- and we’re just getting started! We’re constantly adding new hotels and loyalty programs to earn with. Later in 2013, we’ll be adding products beyond hotels, increasing the number of ways on earn.


Raining Bitcoin is a site how offers you great links to free bitcoins. Just click on the links on  Raining Bitcoins home page to get started, just having fun with earning coins. Also can you play free video games and free ad-swapping.


Ask questions with bitcoin rewards, or create bounties that community members will gladly help you with. Offering a reward is optional, so you can ask free questions like on other q&a communities. Become a bitcoin freelancer if you like helping others by answering questions, or completing tasks you’re good at. New to bitcoin? Get started. Win free bitcoins in minutes or find places where you can buy useful stuff with them.

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