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electronics 2This is an overview of Electronic stores that accept payments in Bitcoins. Do you  know of any great stores we’re missing, let us know. Also check out the Top 5  BTC Electronics


AGNQTech was founded by two engineers that wanted to bring better solutions to their customers. By being veterans of the technology field that have worked every level in IT AGNQ Tech are able to offer solutions that some service providers just can’t. Anything from custom software to network design and everything in between is possible when you choose to have AGNQ Tech as your service provider.

audiopropsAudio Props

founder Ken Strzepka has 25 years experience in the audio – video industry. Having worked for one of the leading industry’s small retailers Speaker Warehouse. Mr. Strzepka started working as a salesman in 1988. He worked there on and off for over fifteen years designing competition systems for the average Joe and Miami Dolphin’s players, Mr. Strzepka went into the manufacturing side of the business when he joined Straight Wire and later worked in the distribution side of the business at Select Products, but his heart was always in retail so he went back to Speaker Warehouse and ran the store for several years before starting his own store in Fort Lauderdale named Audio Props, at Audio Props Mr. Strzepka designed and installed custom systems for luxury cars and boats.


Bitcoinstore is brought to you courtesy of . Memory Dealers has been in business for over 10 years selling equipment to customers all over the world. Founded in 2000, our global headquarters is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, with offices in Korea and Japan. Our world-wide presence, friendly customer service and free technical support guarantees that we can offer solutions that fit your needs, no matter where you are located. Memory Dealers offers the largest selection of discounted and custom transceivers, memory, and hardware. We design, manufacture, and market memory modules for use in Cisco, Sun, Juniper, PCs, laptops, and legacy devices. MemoryDealers is a core supporter of bitcoin and has been responsible for, the Bitcoin Billboard, and the $10,000 Bitcoin bet


Bigger,better and more awesome. Where back again with some new trick up our sleeves. We’ve got hundreds of new products, improved search, worldwide shipping and much more. Here you can buy all electronics with bit-, lite- and peercoins. Check out more of the details in our news.


Welcome to BitMac. We are able to sell Apple products for just under their regular tag price. We currently carry: MacBook Air 11, Macbook Pro 13, iMac 27. While we are based in the United States, we ship to almost any country! You can find the list of countries we do not ship to at the bottom of the page. We use Coinbase as our preferred merchant, so rest assured your order is safe and secure! If you are new to bitcoin you may click “Don’t have any bitcoin?” after clicking the “Pay with Bitcoin” button and follow the instructions, or you can look at our section about buying bitcoins and choose a similar service. Once you complete the payment, you will need to click the form page under the “Buy” button where you will be asked for your name, shipping address, and e-mail, as well as the bitcoin address from which you sent payment. Thank you for shopping! We hope to eventually sell everything we have and grow into a full-fledged bitcoin electronics store.


Is a Dutch based company how sell’s electronics and more. We do all our shipping with a Dutch company called PostNL. It takes usually between a few days to a week, depending on where you live. You will receive a tracking number once your order has been dispatched. I’m a Dutch student and I’m around 20 years of age. Our web host is hosted with Namecheap in the USA.  We also probably will add Litecoin as an alternative payment method once it is more widely known & we can integrate a secure plugin for it. 


We are a small startup dedicated to making sure our customers experience is smooth and trouble free. Our main focus is to offer our customers discounted products as well as customised systems which are carefully tested and carefully prepared to meet the quality of standard that we in the technology field aspire to meet everyday. We make sure that our quality of service is top notch. We appreciate our customers and feel that you will find it pleasent shopping with us. We offer multiple payment and shipping options for our customers around the world. We continue to add to our available products and services as more methods become available to us. Our website and company will continue to grow and improve as we expand.


One store, one currency, 32 countries and counting. CoinsForTech  is a proud bitcoin only electronics store. We strongly believe that bitcoin will play a vital role in reforming the financial system and intend to demonstrate its use as a payment system for goods on a global scale. Since our launch in June 2013, CoinsForTech has shipped to customers from over 30 countries; each of which paid using the same revolutionary currency. Just let that sink in for a moment. We have customers from all parts of the world including South Africa, Malta, Thailand, Israel, Canada, Pakistan, Taiwan, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, United States, the majority of Europe & many more. Bitcoin has allowed for CoinsForTech to grow incredibly quickly in a relatively short period of time. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that bitcoin could have a profound effect on global eCommerce and CoinsForTech is thrilled to be a part of it.

gadgetsdirectGadgets Direct

In 2008 we looked into how we could get the latest gadgets/electronics to customers at a better price. With our warehouses overseas and in Australia we decided to invest in logistics so we could be able to sell directly to the public at reduced prices. In 2011 we will continue our efforts to add improvements so Gadgets Direct  will be your one stop shop for gadgets/electronics.

shopgetmywirelessonGet My Wireless

At  Get My Wireless, your source of mobile phone accessories for bitCoin (and PayPal), our goal is to offer a generous selection on mobile phone accessories, deliver the industries best customer support and give you a place to utilize your hard earned bitCoin without any hassle. Take a look at our selection of products and make sure to comeback often as we will be on the lookout for new products all the time. If you are looking for something special let us and we’ll do our best to get it for you. We will also be running a product of the month deal were we are able to offer you a great accessory at a huge discount.


Phenoptix was started in 2003 with £20 and very little free time, as a way to make some pocket money for an impoverished student. We started life an LED retailer, but now we’re more of a “Purveyor of Cool Things” Selling LEDs opened us to a world of electronics, open source goodness, making, hacking, modding, fun and most importantly information. We find things we like, usually in the sphere of electronics, and sell them. We’re working very hard to make sure every customer receives what they wanted to receive in the time frame they expected and at the price they agreed to pay. Customer satisfaction is at the core of what we do. Boiling it down again. We put the stuff you want into bags and send them to you quickly at a fair price.


Millennius is here to provide the best value consumer electronics for smart shoppers. Born from desire to see Australians get a “fair go” when it came to deals on consumer electronics, Millennius has done the hard yards by cutting out the middlemen in the retail process meaning its customers pay less. And by being an online retailer, Millennius can keep the prices low and competitive. Millennius HK Limited is the procurement and shipping arm of the wholly Australian owned Millennius Pty. Ltd. By shipping small products directly from our warehouse in Hong Kong, we’re able to save you even more as you’re able to make a GST free purchase. Founded by Melbourne by Pierre Boutros in 2006, Millennius has gone from strength-to-strength, expanding its product offering from its own branded consumer electronic products to those from  the world’s leading US, Korean, Japanese and Chinese brands. Starting from one man with an idea, Millennius now employs more than 20 people in multiple countries, all working towards the goal of making Millennius the best online consumer electronics retailer. Pierre is the founder of Millennius. Started as an idea, $100 and an office in his parents’ garage, Millennius is now a business with operations in multiple countries, offering the best value consumer electronics to its customers. Pierre always had an entrepreneurial streak from an early age, and when the opportunity presented by online retailing started to appear, Pierre knew he could start a business that would provide a better deal for Australians that had long been gouged on pricing for consumer electronics products. Seven years on, the business Pierre started is continuing to grow rapidly, providing greater scope to give the best possible pricing and service to its expanding customer base. 

soundearphonesSound Earphones 

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for Earphones for the Office or Headphones to produce a Grammy, we’ve got you covered. If you’re passionate about your music, you’re on the right site. Take a look around, and find the best Earphones & Headphones for you. Our staff is courteous, knowledgeable, & very passionate about our products. Since we’re independently owned, we’re far more in touch with the needs of our customers because we sure know how we like to be treated when we’re spending our money.

surplustradersSurplus Traders 

Surplus Traders is a World-Class “ON-LINE” wholesale distributor and clearing house for surplus electronic, computer and hi-tech parts and equipment. In addition to a very large inventory, Surplus Traders maintains a huge, thoroughly organized and accurately described, cataloged and meticulously indexed database listing thousands of excess electronic items available worldwide. 

thephotogadgetThe Photo Gadget 

If you’re looking for a place to buy photography equipment, this Is the place. The Photo Gadget is a China based online shop for enthusiast photographers all over the world.

tigerdirectTiger Direct

When you shop with Tiger Direct , you’ll choose from brand name computers, the industry’s top names, at great prices. But that’s just the beginning. We also carry a vast inventory of components: motherboards, processors, hard drives, optical drives, cases and more. You’ll find emerging technologies as well, because at the end of the day, we love what we sell.We treat every customer with respect. We consider every transaction of critical importance. We offer the industry’s highest-quality products at the lowest-possible prices. We back every product with a rock-solid satisfaction guarantee. We offer the most complete product information and photo galleries available. We ship most orders the same day. We carry the world’s largest selection of computer components, making us the reseller of choice for the “Build-It-Yourselfer”. We provide our customers with information, on the phone, in our store, or on our web site to make informed choices. Each of our telephone representatives is continually trained by the manufacturers of the products we sell. They can answer your questions instantly.We have established buying power which means we can buy products at prices far below our competition and pass the savings along to you. All this and much more

thinkpeguinThink Penguin

Started by Christopher Waid, founder and CEO,, has a mission. To bring choice to the masses. We believe GNU/Linux is the easiest desktop operating system in history. What it has lacked is quality end-user support. We offer a number of unique free software products and services to ease transitioning and the support support to back it up. We produce a software component which actively assists users in locating compatible services, software, and support. Our products are freedom-compatible. Meaning they will work with just about any free software operating system. This is made possible by selling products with free software compatible chipsets. Free software is a set of principles that ensure end-users retain full control over their computer. Free software can be used, studied, and modified without restriction. The chipsets we use encourage community development and user participation. Users can not be locked into a vendor or product, be forced into an expensive upgrade, or have other digital restrictions placed on them.


Unixmedia is an Italian company that produces IP Home Automation Systems on Ethernet network 100% made in Italy.  Free from the limitations imposed by the logic of production of large multinational electrical plant, we have developed our devices while maintaining a visionary look at the future of living spaces, using established technologies, interoperable, open, able to ensure present and future inerrability with devices of any kind: for these reasons the bus used by our home automation systems to communicate between devices is the Ethernet network, the same used by Internet. This allows us to guarantee, in all our systems, full compatibility, both present and future development in mind, with the most common used devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, smartv, VoIP telephony, IP cameras, and any device available in any technology store.


Located in downtown Winnipeg at the northwest corner of Main St and McDermot Ave, WTCR provides: Walk-in, Drop-off, and Pick-up Computer service and sales to the downtown area and personalized accounts to best suit your personal or business needs. 


Xidax was founded by a team of enthusiasts with over a century of combined experience building, customizing, and drooling over only the best high-end gaming rigs. Our state of the art facility located in South Jordan, Utah houses a vast array of high-end components along with the industry’s top-rated PC build professionals to custom build your next Xidax rig. With our parts and top-rated industry build crew located in the same facility your system goes from conception to built quicker than anywhere else. The rigorous burn-in tests performed on each Xidax system before it leaves our facility is relentless and unmatched within the industry. Each Xidax desktop computer comes with an unheard of Lifetime Parts & Service Guarantee that nobody else can match. That means if your hard drive blows up in 10 years, you’re covered. 


Our Mission Statement , XO Skins hopes to help individuals and businesses become more productive and successful by providing products to protect their electronic devices. XO Skins is THE way to protect your electronic devices. The protective covering is a polyurethane film that is custom-fit for electronic devices such as cell phones, MP3 players, and GPS devices. While maintaining the original size and look, XO Skins provides thin and clear protection for gadgets. This allows you to continue to dock and holster your devices, leaving the film virtually unnoticeable. The polyurethane film is used on fighter jets, helicopter blades, and the space shuttle to protect against debris. This illustrates the extreme strength of XO Skins’ protection. 

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