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fashion 2This is an overview of Fashion stores that accept payments in Bitcoins. Do you know of any great stores we’re missing, let us know. Also check out the Top 5 BTC Fashion stores. 

1803shoes1803 Shoes

Since 1999 we’ve been bringing some of the most finely handcrafted Euro comfort footwear to the U.S. and Europe. We’ve been producing shoes in Portugal for quite some time and have shaped our brand around some very successful and proven shoe platforms. Unlike most of the corporate world, our aim is to continue building successful shoes on successful platforms, vs an ever changing footwear product line which is always chasing around something unproven, and something disposable that the customer never really “falls in love with”. In building our corporate presence online, and selling directly to the public, we aim to now interact more directly with our end clients on a much larger scale than previously afforded a wholesale company. We are looking to now build a grass roots company not dependent of the big retailers of the world. Our footwear is made from the finest quality materials, which in combination provide unique, soft, and comfortable shoes, which are like gloves for your feet. Our leathers are almost totally natural, meaning they are neither printed, (for greater uniformity), nor are they heavily pigmented, (which can increase the hardness). This means that as much of the natural “drape” of the hide as possible is retained enabling the natural beauty of the leather to be even more evident. feet”.

allthingsluxuryAll Things Luxury 

Founded in 2010,  All Things Luxury is a privately held, British Columbia based discount fashion jewelry and luxury goods business. We strive to offer our customers high end fashion jewelry at liquidated and wholesale prices. All Things Luxury offers high quality jewelry and accessories at a fraction of the price that you would find in popular retail outlets. There are two main reasons why All Things Luxury can do this, first because we are a mover of liquidated, wholesale, clearance sale and close out sale items.  The second reason why we can offer rock bottom prices to our customers is because we are a pure eCommerce based business with strong morals. Typical “brick and mortar” retailers have excessive overhead costs and are unable to compete in the online world. This lack of “excessive overhead” allows All Things Luxury to pass on its saving to you, the customer. Another fact that is not well known is that typical jewelry companies raise the cost of their items by margins of roughly 200% to 300%. All Things Luxury believes this is unethical and only charges a small mark up on their items, we don’t believe in being greedy. 

Boutique Corset boutique corset

This site is for the ladies how dare to try something sexier.Surprise yourself and your lover with these daring outfits. Boutique Corset is specialist in corsets, lingerie, costumes, babydolls etc.

Chemjoy chemjoy

Chemjoy .com is launched in the summer of 2011 by  Randy and Fiona. They were getting sick of working and living like a repeating machine every day.Randy was an IT Specialist and Fiona worked in an international business company, buying, trading and selling stuff. They wanted to create something to make their life on earth meaningful, on their own terms.They picked some items they liked and put it on chemjoy. You have costumes, Shoes, Bags, woman accessories, jewelry, Watches, Tattoos, Tablet & Phone Accessories and some funny stuff. Each item was picked by them and their goal is to share pretty stuff with you. One piece of jewelry may not cost too much but we wish it will give you happy memory.

6 Dollar Shirt6 dollar shirt

Nowhere online you will find a company how’s printing such a large variety of quality printed t-shirts at such a low price. They have a combined 30 years of printing experience. There artists and illustrators tirelessly design t-shirts they think you’ll love.


Welcome to “Spain at your feet”, the first store of traditional espadrilles in North America. Our espadrilles, which are handmade in a small village in northern Spain, are the result of a centuries-old tradition and are very much in fashion because they have evolved to meet the demands of today’s fashion world. Enjoy a merry Spanish atmosphere when choosing from a wide variety of espadrilles in many styles and colors available for men, women and children. In addition, we offer a wide range of Spanish food such as turrón, ingredients for paella, etc., and a beautiful collection of earthenware dishes and many other items needed for Spanish cuisine. In our store you will find a massive cabinet 15 feet in length, designed and manufactured by Diego Arnedo and handmade by cabinetmakers from Montreal who used 100 years old recycled barn wood to provide a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The result is an explosion of colours. It is attractive and practical as all models are immediately available in all sizes


Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world connect to buy and sell unique goods. There mission is to re-imagine commerce in ways that build a more fulfilling and lasting world. Etsy is proud to be a certified B Corporation , a new kind of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.


Fancy is the place where you discover, collect, and buy from a crowd-curated catalog of amazing goods, wonderful places and innovative stores. Fancy lets you discover an endless assortment of cool stuff, curated by our global community with one thing in common: exceptional taste. Use Fancy to find the best gear, plan a vacation, or keep up to date with the latest fashion.

hempandcompanyHemp & Company

Mike Finley and Kelly Wheeler opened Hemp & Company in 1999. They wanted to showcase the hemp fiber and its versatility, particularly in clothing and body care products. Bill Finley joined the team by opening a store in New Denver that same year. Hemp & Company produces a line of casual clothing, t-shirts, and hoodies for men and women, made from hemp and organic cotton blends. All H&C manufacturing is done in Canada. We are also a retail outlet for approximately 50 small Canadian businesses that create jewelry, clothing, food, and personal care products. After 13 years in business, we are happy that our customers have found hemp to be comfortable and long lasting. It is important that we produce and sell quality products that highlight and promote alternative fibers such as hemp.

ishraqiIshraqi is one of the primary website focusing the Asian culture and tradition all over the world. Our main goal is to promote Asian Fashion and Culture across the world. We have our own Product Line of Clothing, Jewellery and Ralli Quilts by the name of “Ishraqi Designs” which are designed & manufactured at our production facility in different parts of Sindh by master craftsmen under the supervision of our design team. Our products range from traditional to new era which is exhibited on our website We are producer and wholesaler of ethnic trousseaus. Located in Karachi, the commercial hub of Pakistan, we manufacture superior quality of bridal, party and casual wear. We provide an enticing range of products that are available in different colours, styles and affordable price range. From haute couture to the ethnic, our product encompasses all.

iloveschotlandI Luv Scotland

I luv Scotland  was realised in 2004 and incorporated in 2010 on a merger between SMG Original LTD and Nordsa LTD as a new company registered in Scotland “I Luv LTD”. We have recently taken a second office 70 miles north from our original premises in Edinburgh. Giving us greater flexibility with warehouses. This allows one of our team to peruse a Bachelor of Science degree in Dundee while we continue with the volumes of sales we are now handling and our ethos of care and attention to detail and service. Our customer base includes very many thousands of regular private customers who buy through our websites and also major UK and international corporates, overseas gift agencies and department stores, promotional goods agencies, and internet based affiliates and merchants including independent ebay retailers. Approximately 60% of our orders come from outside the UK. We have one of the most extensive ranges of Scottish made products and gifts available any where and this includes personalised gifts sent around the world for individual customers and larger corporate interests. At the time of writing there are over 7400 products available on 

Gypsy Plundergypsy plunder

This online shop has a big stash of vintage clothing from lands near and far, handpicked by a husband and wife team. They will bring you the best vintage attire.



In 2004 Opportunities successfully launched its website devoted to selling on the net luxury accessories second hand. This is the first site in France to offer products systematically appraised by an approved expert. In 2009, Opportunities is already known to all and becomes a referent on the Internet. The family business now devotes full time to the site that does not stop to grow. The deposits not doing more in the shops, but in offices opened for this purpose. 2013 is the year of great change: Opportunities facelift adopts a new logo and a new image. The new site is born with more services and full of news, especially a powerful search engine, search by brand, an email alert system, a navigation system filters, an information form on each sheet product, the “Sell an item” more ergonomic, creating a “wishlist”, etc. The opening of new offices in the Principality of Andorra, the Mecca of luxury in the world, allows the site to offer more products at attractive prices.


A total store of different kinds of fashions, not only clothing. From furniture to electronics and health and beauty.   An online discount retailer based in Salt Lake City. World’s one of the biggest online marketplace.

Prince Peter’s Collection prince peter collection

The rock n’ roll inspired t-shirt line from Prince Peter’s, conceived in New York City, developed already a huge celebrity following. From Bono (u2) to pop-star Rihanna, Dylan McDermott, Russell Brand, Katy Perry, Lil Wayne, Kelly Osbourn, Melanie Laurent and Taylor Momsen, has been spotted wearing Prince Peter t-shirts The collection is loved to both men and woman of all ages and demographics and went officially in 2011 international  after being launched in Los Angeles , Dallas, Miami and Chicago in 2009


New Orleans based QUEORK, pronounced “Cork”, is owned by Amanda Dailey and Julie Araujo. It became a full time business in early 2012 starting with internet sales only of import products from Portugal. At Queork we are dedicated to all products made using genuine cork fabric. Our products are made with 100% cork fabric which is a handmade process of adhering thin slices of cork bark to fabric and sealing with silicone. Cork is an extremely durable product and is naturally water and stain resistant. To the touch cork fabric is soft like suede or extremely soft leather. QUEORK wants to educate consumers on all of the amazing qualities of this natural and vegan material. The reason cork has been used for hundreds of years as a wine stopper is that the cell structures of cork bark are impenetrable and at the same time its elasticity makes it flexible. We love the natural look and feel of cork but also this is one of the most effective materials out there that is long lasting and durable. When you think of a good bag that costs in excess of $100 think of the following traits next to the traditional bags made of leather, suede or other quality fabrics. Cork is water and moisture resistant, fade and stain resistant, cork is vegan, lightweight/low density and cork floats!


In ZAS are importers and distributors both wholesalers (sales professionals) and individuals (retail) of clothes, jewelry, footwear, accessories, piercing and decoration within an ethnic and alternative hippie style. ZAS always finds the best handcrafted items always at low prices.

scentofsexyScent of Sexy

A store with design collection clothing for him and her.




S T R U T, in its essence signifies how we want ourcustomers to feel when they buy from our boutique and defines us: AN ACT OF BURSTING CONFIDENCE AND EDGE. We are a Women’s Clothing Boutique that opened in the fall of the year 2013.  Woman owned and operated. We know what we want and inspire to empower other woman through fashion and self expression. Welcome, and Allow us to be your new online style destination.

trinketslotTrinket Slot 

If you’ve ever played any role-playing game, you would know that getting the best gear with the best stats is the best way to take down that raid boss. At TrinketSlot, we couldn’t agree more. We think that having the right gear at the right time can spark interest in those around you. And what better way to start a conversation than to talk about your most favorite hobby,  gaming. We’re geeks at heart just like you, and we chose jewelcrafting and tailoring as our main professions. Since we’ve been working hard at maxing out our professions, we decided to try and trade our mats back to the community. Whenever we come across a cute new design or a trendy new game, we’re quick to mine the materials to provide you with new and fresh designs! Also if you have a special request, we can always make some considerations for your order. Customer service is very important to us, so don’t hesitate to let us know , just ask. We come up with new stuff every week

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